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We help businesses find their voice.

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There is opportunity all around us.  Leap Year Marketing believes that everyone deserves a chance to succeed. We help create space for businesses to thrive through focused marketing plans that clarify direction and message. These are the crucial ingredients that fuel growth in the digital marketing world.


Business Marketing Plans

Clarity. Direction. Execution. Everyone needs accountability in business to keep on track toward reaching goals.  A well thought out marketing plan makes decision making easier by providing guard rails that keep a business on track. Understand your clients, value proposition, and goals on a new level.

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Business Consulting

No one should make decisions alone. Removing yourself from your business emotionally long enough to think from a neutral standpoint is extremely difficult, if not impossible. The best decisions are made with partners who can offer resources and knowledge to see things for what they really are. Opportunities.

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Professional Speaking and Training

Maintaining a working knowledge of digital marketing is daunting. How do I reach my customers? What is a blog? Should I advertise on Facebook? Learning through training and seminars provides the tools to get back on track. Leap Year Marketing provides these tools on topics important to you, your employees, and your business. 

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You already have everything you need to do anything you ever wanted to do.— Joanne Randall

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Partneringwith professionals for success is smart. No one should go it alone. Entrepreneurs and small businesses need direction and guidance. We ask the hard questions that get you where you want to go.