Team Building Exercise

I developed this exercise while coaching my son's 3/4 grade basketball team. We had leaders that tried to do everything themselves, players who didn't listen, bickering, bad attitude, well, you get the idea.

Does this sound like your workplace? Maybe it resembles your sales team. 

I ran this exercise for an hour and had unbelievable results.  I realized that this could be used, as is, for any group; adult or kids, athlete, salesperson, manager, volunteer, you name it. Participants don't have to have experience in basketball nor do they have to be athletic. They just have to have a deep desire to be part of a team. Get your copy at the bottom of the page!

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Attitude vs. behavior

By clearly identifying the rules and expectations, you can hold people accountable for their behaviors. When they rebel or choose to not follow directions, they are being willingly disobedient and you have exposed a deeper problem.  The natural environment of a competitive setting brings out the best and worst in people. Just remember that how someone does one thing is how they do everything.


Every single one of us has something to contribute. Not everyone is a leader but each person has experiences that shape their thinking, beliefs, and so their behavior.  Everyone participates and everyone is included. Otherwise the players lose. See how the need to win takes over and the game becomes all inclusive. 

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This exercise will flip on a few switches. Experiential learning makes it real because no one forgets how something makes them feel. By incorporating positive and negative reinforcement throughout the exercise, players will be motivated to act differently and then come to see for themselves how that behavior makes them and others feel.

Team Building Exercise
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