Client Testimonials

Joanne’s passion is helping small businesses. Joanne is my marketing mind, as I focus on being out in the field, growing my business. I am excited to work with Joanne. She has a generous spirit and a top-notch business mind. She is sincere, and we connected instantly. I value Joanne’s insight as a marketing consultant. She is a trusted business partner, as I move forward in my business and my life. Have a business consultation with Joanne, as soon as possible!
— Angela M.

"Hi Joanne,

I attended the workshop at the Souhegan Chamber of Commerce yesterday and just wanted to share a success story! I resent an email on decorating classes we are offering. I had originally sent it out early  last week and didn’t get any responses. Wanting to fill the class I resent yesterday after tweaking the subject line as suggested at the workshop. Three people signed up for the class and we got several inquiries about it!

Thank you for the tips!


Diane B.,  Frederick’s Pastries"

"Having worked for corporations that spent a lot of time on daily meetings that went off track, wasting time that would be better spent working. I truly appreciate Joanne's ability to control the room, staying on subject. Her presentation cleared away all of the mystery that surrounds the phenom of social media for those of us that grew up in a different time. Giving us the confidence to step further into the 21st century, with it's constant fast paced changes. I now know where to concentrate our efforts on social media creating the best results for our business. That is a direct result of her ability to clear away the confusion we were experiencing! Thank you Joanne Randall and Leap Year Marketing!" -workshop attendee


"I have been working with Joanne Randall for over four years. The level of service and experience I had received has always exceeded my expectations. Your marketing brand is so critical for the growth and credibility of your business. I have come to trust Joanne and her expertise to help me manage my marketing efforts and seek her advice and support on a regular basis."

— Lynne H.

"Joanne has a carefully planned program that steps you through the process and in record time you find yourself confident and looking like an expert. If you are looking to leap ahead of your competition, I highly recommend Leap Year Marketing and Joanne Randall."

— Suzi B.

"Joanne has been the keystone addition to our team for facilitating growth and coordinating up to date technology improvements. She's self motivated, pays attention to detail, patient and well prepared."

— John B.

"Joanne is an outstanding resources for ideas to grow and expand your business. We shared ideas, thought and practices for business leaders and owners. I look forward to collaborating with her again and again in the future."

— Laurie Ann M.


"Joanne Randall offers clients and the business community at large several valuable things. Her marketing and sales expertise delivers results for her agency's clients. Additionally, her consulting helps clients make better use of available resources to grow their businesses. Moreover, Joanne's commitment as a facilitator has helped countless entrepreneurs succeed in a challenging, competitive market."

— Chuck S.


"Joanne Randall of Leap Year Marketing is an excellent presenter. She is clear and easy to listen to.  I brought a number of technical questions in my mind to the session on email marketing. I wanted to understand technically how email can be used and during the session most of my questions were answered. I liked how Joanne would stop and ask us questions to determine what we knew. The time flew by and I felt I received great value.  Thank you, Joanne!"

"I have known Joanne for several years. She is a business magnet and an asset to the local business community. Joanne has proven to me again and again that she is a knowledgeable, personable and most importantly honest business person."

— Tom B.

"Execution happens every day in business. This class helped me understand how to better evaluate my marketing activity. "

-workshop attendee

"This was the information I needed to move forward with my business."

-Workshop attendee

"I was immediately impressed with Joanne's ability to handle many tasks. She remains balanced in the face of adversity. Joanne is well-educated, thinks big and has the energy to deliver. She has earned my respect and I find myself steering more of my business associates in her direction."

— John J.



-Workshop attendee

"Joanne has been professional, knowledgeable, and a great resource from the very first time we were introduced. She is a creative, enthusiastic and collaborative business partner!"

— Geoff M.


"This was useful information. I am ready to implement!"

-Workshop attendee